Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I am an early riser, and enjoy the quiet time to watch the morning news and drink coffee. I also enjoy reading blogs about education, teaching, and technology used in education and what people are doing with the current technology available. Blogs I read on a daily basis are: new list daily of technologies that can be used in the classroom or to enhance learning. reformer that has some interesting viewpoints. blog by school administrators for school administrators. information on new technologies available for education.

educationaltechnologyguy-Updated list of tools to use to enhance learning and make a teacher's life and job easier. used to mainly build a professional learning community. principal in Canada that is full of energy and ideas on how to connect with kids and make learning relevant. Canadian that has some different ideas in regard to education-you can also find that he is a disciple of Alfie Kohn. site that deals with what people are doing with technology. is about teachers that are cutting down on the usage of paper in their classes. education reformer.

There are another 15 or so that I check on a weekly basis, several of them are magazines and since they release monthly, one really doesn't need to check on them daily. The amazing thing about reading blogs is they always lead you to another blog. If you don't read blogs in your particular area of interest you are really missing out on becoming better informed, and we are lifelong learners.

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