Monday, March 29, 2010

I Don't Understand

I realize the legislature is in charge of my state and the educational funding but the longer they are in session the scarier it gets for all state agencies. For instance some of my concerns or I should say lack of understanding about what is occurring in Topeka:
Why does the House put a person in charge of the Education Committee that home schools their children-thats a commitment to public education.

Why would you even propose a plan to cut the state to 40 districts with at least 10,000 students per district? What other state does this?

Why would tell people the recession is what caused our financial collapse when the legislative post audit showed in 2005 (prior to recession) that we would face this deficit in 2009 because of tax rollbacks and spending levels.

Why would you pass a law where schools could not sue for adequate funding, not fund the supreme court decision to the level you were bound to do, but let one of your members be involved with suing the state as a part of his law firm.

When you run for reelection and tell the voters you did not raise taxes, will you admit that you forced the schools to raise property taxes because you took away 25% of the state aid for the local option budget? I rather doubt it.

I don't understand why we would send any of you back.

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