Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Put On More Steam

At this time of year we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel which means school will quickly be over. With state assessments winding down and after a full year of academics the students have a tendency to hit the slack button and teachers as well feel the need for a mental break. Put as I have stated before we are in the learning business and that goes for the teachers also, so here are some points to keep the students motivated.
1. Be enthusiastic and positive about what you are doing.
2. Allow students to have some fun and discover things on their own.
3. Use visual aids, movies, demonstrations, and projects.
4. Take a field trip and make it real.
5. Let them how great it feels to succeed.
6. Give people praise for a job well done.
7. Care about each other, both students and teachers, talk to each other.
8. Reward people with different things, however, start slowing down on rewards and replace with praise.
9. Create tasks and work that students can have success with, make sure they have the resources to succeed.
10. Make sure the subject matter has personal meaning and value for the students.
11. Make sure students feel valued and special for their contributions.

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