Monday, April 26, 2010

Apple Show

This past Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I was fortunate enough to attend the Apple Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas. I am thankful to my Board of Education for allowing me to attend. The conference was very good and got some good ideas and different perspectives on using technology in education. It is marvelous what some individuals as well as school districts are doing about bringing 21st Century skills to the classroom.

We were each assigned tables, which was probably good since that does force you to meet other people, and the first person I saw was the Superintendent from Labette County in Altamont. It was refreshing to see a familiar face but it did me good not to be paired with Chuck since I did gain knowledge from different areas of the country. At my table were educators from Iowa, North Carolina, California, and Texas. At least Kansas isn't the only state with funding woes, everyone had the story as money is tight, so we choose not to discuss it. I ate one night with an Apple employee from Brisban, Australia, and that was an interesting conversation.

I think it really helps us grow as professionals when we venture out and take advantage of opportunities presented to us. To visit with educators from across our nation, and across the ocean, can benefit all we come in contact with. I am a strong believer in staff development and technology and this conference fit both areas.

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