Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

Maybe I should wait until Monday to write these instead of Friday, that way I can comment on the weekend happenings and games.

The wikileaks fiasco has sure topped the news items. I just wonder why we put a Private First Class in charge of so many classified documents? And if he hacked to gain the information why isn't our system a little more secure? Seems like someone higher up should be answering some questions.

I heard a government official last week commenting on counterterrorism, he stated that they were trying to be 100% accurate but will never be 100%. Thats funny since they are requiring schools to be 100% proficient in the standardized testing world, pretty tough to do isn't it.

Congress is once again going to cut social security benefits to the elderly in order to bring the deficit down. Since they receive a pension in excess $10,000 a month I really think this is a fine gesture on their part. Then you add in that (as of this writing) they are also not going to give tax cuts to us. I wonder how they look at themselves in the mirror.

Well the bowl games are set and in the national championship is Auburn vs. Oregon, two well deserving teams. I am pulling for Auburn and the reason is stupid, but its still my reason. Oregon this week wore gray, white, and black trim uniforms. According to their website their colors are green and yellow. I can't back a team that won't wear their own school colors, Auburn wore their normal road uniforms which sport their school colors. Told you it was stupid.

Brett Favre got hurt Sunday and had to leave the game early. The Vikings went ahead and scored 38 points, really missed you, Brett. He has already stated he doesn't know if he'll be able to start next week, which means he most certainly will. Funny how he has already drawn the attention to himself instead of the team and we will be fortunate to hear the drama all week long. Wonder what the Vegas odds are on him starting?

Have a great week.

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