Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

Well winter has hit, even if it hasn't officially started on the calendar. It was very cold in Kansas this weekend, but at least we didn't have the problems they suffered in the upper midwest. Guess there is a reason we don't have a domed stadium in our state, the roof can't collapse.

Its hard to believe its Christmas season since I've yet to see one chia pet commercial on TV, just can't get in the mood until I hear ch-ch-ch chia. I have seen that they are doing chia's of the presidents on Mount Rushmore. I'm sure those four historic gentlemen and leaders would be proud to see themselves with green hair.

I also see that Oprah has gone to Australia. I only can hope she will do as much for them as she has for us, wonder if she could take Bill Gates, Michelle Rhee, and Guggenheim with her. Change the locks on America now.

The first weekend without a full slate of college football games, but I love the Army-Navy game. Those kids really understand commitment, sacrifice, and courage. They are also playing for the joy of the game with no aspirations of the NFL. You can also include Air Force in all these comments, I admire all three institutions greatly, no jaw-jacking amongst players just playing the game as hard as they can. They are the meaning of class.

Speaking of class, how about the assistant coach of the Jets tripping the Dolphin player as he was heading downfield to cover a punt. Are you kidding me? That doesn't happen in high school games. How about a little class, Jets, instead of being two letters short of class.

My goodness could John Boehner cry any more on his 60 Minutes interview last night?

Have a great week and a good Christmas Season.

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