Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Shouldn't be Like This

I am like many administrators, in that blogging is new for me and I do enjoy having a chance to share, vent, and evaluate some of my thoughts in regard to education. I have tried to write twice a week, once covering an educational topic and once writing Random Thoughts, which is my stab at satirical humor.

While being out on Christmas break I kept thinking what am I going write in my educational blog when we come back, and I was drawing a blank. I found myself growing anxious on what I was going to write, as if many read it anyway (there I go with satire again). It shouldn't be that way, and its not going to be for me anymore.

When topics come up then I will write about them, I definitely am not going to pressure myself into writing something just for the sake of writing. Perhaps I'm not as creative as the next blogger, but I didn't start doing this for the next blogger, I did for me and when I have something to share, for you. I know this I'm not going to spend another second on becoming anxious on what to blog about.

When I finally realized this I relaxed I may write once, twice, or however many times the urge strikes and I feel I have something to add. I will continue Random Thoughts weekly and really enjoy writing it, and now I will enjoy writing the other blogs equally as much. I think I'll have to name that column, as soon as I can come up with one.

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