Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is Suitable Good Enough

In these days of economic hardship, at least in the state of Kansas, school funding is really taking a hit from the state legislature. I suppose this is normal and we should take a cut if the money is not there. However, the buzz out of Topeka is what is a suitable education and what does it cost? The term suitable is what really bothers me.

Does our governor want to be a suitable governor? Does our representative and senator want to be suitable? Does anyone tell their child we want them to aspire to be suitable? I think not. What ever happened to good and/or great?

If you have a parent that moves into an area and is deciding between two school districts, district A says we will provide the best education we possibly can and district B says we will provide a suitable education which would you choose? I know which district I want my child in.

I do not believe that money is the only measure of a quality education, I think quality classroom teachers are, but the term "suitable education" really goes up my backside. I can assure you this we will do whatever we can for the kids in our district, and suitable will not be good enough for me.

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