Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

I have finally had some more Random Thoughts while watching the local new coverage of the Blizzard of 2011. I don't take weather issues lightly but come on we do have some sense about us and some of things we are advised to do made me laugh.

We were informed when the little bit of ice we had started that it could cause power outages and thankfully that hasn't happened yet, at least to us. The Kansas City station we were watching reminded us that if a power line is down not to touch it. Really? Is this something you have to tell us? I can imagine the conversation as driving in a blizzard, oh wait dear there is a downed power line let me get out and move it so we can drive on, sure would hate to drive over it.

We were also informed by one station not to call in if we encounter slick or snow packed roads. We are in a blizzard, my guess is all roads are slick and snow packed, but thanks for the advice.

As the Oak Park Mall was closing at around noon a car drives up to the reporter and tell her they thought it would be a good day for shopping. Well you definitely beat the crowds but if you have to get out to shop in a blizzard your problems are bigger than crowd beating.

I hope everyone is safe during this crisis and maybe we will get to have school again sometime. As many days as we have missed we will probably have to go past Memorial Day, which is taboo for many. I also can't wait for the words of wisdom that awaits us, since the storm has moved out of our area.

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