Monday, February 28, 2011

We Need to Watch

The problem in Wisconsin has garnered national attention for several weeks now and the outcome of it has me concerned in regard to how people will view educators and education in our country. Its not like we are getting the most positive publicity anyway and I'm afraid this will only hurt our cause.

Like him or not Mr. Walker was elected governor of Wisconsin and I'm sure he didn't keep his view on due process or collective bargaining a secret, one just doesn't unleash those views on the public and hope they fly. So you are stuck with him this is a bad way to negotiate, and even worse to have your elected officials flee the state because they don't want to vote on the budget, come on. What about the people who voted for them, where is their representation. I will be the first to admit had he not passed tax breaks for big business, then said what a financial mess they are in he may have a slightly easier time.

Trust me teacher unions are not the problem with education in America. Since the world points to Finland as a country that is on top of the education world, and 76% of their teachers are in the union I think we must look a little deeper. How about putting someone in charge of the nation's schools that has no public school experience and only understands numbers and the bottom line. As I have told several of my peers, I've yet to see a hog farmer weigh a pig daily to fatten it up, and the notion we can test our way to excellence is ridiculous. Judging teachers by their test scores is equally ridiculous, what other profession comes under this type of magnifying glass?

I do truly hate to see these things happen because the students of Wisconsin are suffering through no fault of their own. However, with every state facing the same financial woes we need to watch what happens closely. I have always shunned away from being politically active, but when I see politicians know more about education than educators, health care than doctors, and war than military leaders, their intelligence is unlimited. We need to watch what happens in Wisconsin I'm afraid two wrongs won't make a right.

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