Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Thoughts

Well I finally have some things to write about as the world of education is again in the news front lines. The Daily Show has had some good takes on what is going on with the public sector, specifically teachers, its good to have someone to laugh at and Jon Stewart is doing us a great job, plus he is so funny. We thought Waiting on Superman was negative, holy smokes what the national media, Bill Gates, Arne Duncan (and he's supposed to be on our side), and the rest of the education experts, are doing to us makes that movie look like it supports public education.

Ok you big boys in Washington D.C. don't threaten a government shutdown unless you're willing to go all the way with it. Doesn't that cry-if I don't get my way I'll take my ball and go home-go ahead and leave. Thats the only way Congress will not hurt the American public is to not meet. What is this about we will only shutdown the non-essential services, hello, if their non-essential why do we have them. I say shut it all down: send the postal workers home, the mint workers, guards at federal prisons, border patrol, homeland security, the whole kit and kaboodle. Instead you want someone to protect the clowns in DC as if we can't function without them.

Charlie Sheen is cracking me up. Okay I've watched all the psychological experts talk about Mr. Sheen and granted would I want him to babysit my children, no, but to say he has deep mental problems I don't agree with. I probably shouldn't admit this but I went to college with about a couple dozen guys that were just like him they were called party animals. Charlie is reliving his college days, is he being responsible, no, is he hurting the other members of his show that are now out of work, yes, is he a role model, hope not. I have a cure take the camera and mike's away and he will not seem so sensational.

Its a shame what happened to BYU's basketball team, but good for the student for being a stand-up kid, good for the university by sticking to their code. I hope he can rejoin the team next year, I think both sides handled themselves with class, instead of two letters short of class which commonly happens in todays world of college athletics.

Good to be back.

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