Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Thoughts

The news has been full of interesting items and just can't wait any longer or my intellectual thoughts will be to long for anyone to read.

Drove home Monday morning from my mother's house and on Kansas City sports talk radio many of the University of Kansas fans were wanting Coach Bill Self fired for choking in the NCAA tournament. Let's see his record the past two years has been 68-6, 7 consecutive conference titles, 1 national championship. I didn't see him miss a shot as they went 3 for 21 from the 3-point line, 15 for 28 from the free throw line, and his man didn't score a point but the rest of the team failed to guard in the first half. Ok KU fire him and see how long it is before he has another job, I'm guessing minutes. Good Luck to the Final four teams.

I see a cobra escaped from his container in the New York City zoo. Zoo officials feel that the snake is still confined in the reptile house, however, and the zoo is safe. That may well be true but I wouldn't be taking that chance. My advice is if you had a field trip scheduled to the zoo, cancel it, if anyone can find a lost cobra it would be a child.

Libya has been front and center in the news. Our elected officials act like their leader has just become a tyrant, news flash its been that way for decades. Why can't a politician just say we went into Iraq and are helping the rebel forces in Libya because of oil. I don't see us going into any other country with a dictator that doesn't have oil. A question I have though does the leader of Libya spell his last name with a Q or a K. I'm not nearly smart enough to run a country but I can spell my last name and it begins with a G.

How's this for convenience BP has lost its laptop that contained 13,000 names and information for the people that were to get paid from the oil spill. Are you kidding me I have owned a laptop for over 8 years and have yet to lose it. Now just come out and say it we have no intention of paying you people a dime. We will bog you down in paperwork and pester you with having to refile your information in hopes that you will give up. You have had months to figure out how to avoid payment and the best you can come up with is we lost the laptop?

Public workers unions have really been under attack from politicians. Let's see that is mostly police, fireman, and teachers. They usually don't have the power to strike and now several states are removing their collective bargaining rights. Doesn't sound like much of a union to me. I almost wish those legislatures would get mugged, house catch on fire, and home school their kids, and see how quickly they get assistance.

I was going to say something about the Wal-Mart lawsuit but my brain is worn out as well as my fingers, but go plantiffs.

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