Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Get Off Our Backs

I have never written to a politician before this year. In the last two weeks I have written my state representative and state senator five times. I probably should have saved some of these for my blog since I writing from my heart about education.

I am sick and tired of politicians thinking they know more about education than professional educators. Just because someone attended school does not make them qualified to run a school or tell teachers how to instruct children. I've had surgery but I don't pretend to be a surgeon.

In my opinion the state legislature in Kansas has gotten out of control, they lost a lawsuit several years ago in regard to school funding and now it seems they have a vendetta against public education. I realize if the money is not there we will have to take cuts like every other state agency, but to do away with our check and balance system of government is just wrong and in my opinion unconstitutional.

Stay out of the classroom, stay out of administration, and just once think about the effect your decisions are having on kids. In other words get off our backs and let us do our jobs, that is what we are trained for and go back and figure out how to get reelected, that's what you do best.