Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Thoughts

I know I know I'm writing my Random Thoughts early this week but when things hit me if I don't respond I'll forget them. You're right that has to do with age.

March is certainly an exciting time of year. Spring football is getting ready to start or has already started at some schools. Is there another sporting event going on in March? Okay the tournaments are exciting. I really enjoy the Mid-Major tournaments, those kids play so hard to get their one chance at going to the NCAA tourney. Unlike the major conferences where you pretty much know what teams will get in, just their seed is in question, no matter how they do in their conference tournament.

Speaking of seedings I'm sure I understand this process. All the so called experts are out with who the #1 seeds will be. Most of those predictions has Duke with #1 seed and they are not even the 1 seed in their conference. How does that work? I have never understood basketball, of course when your body resembles a basketball (if I were an inch shorter I'd be perfectly round) its not an advantage in the sport. Oh well good luck to all the 68 teams, hope its exciting.

The Big 12 released its all conference team and Marcus Morris of the University of Kansas was selected Player of the Year. I know the coaches know way more about this than I but two players were unanimous picks on the all conference team and Morris wasn't one of them, so why wasn't one of those guys Player of the Year?

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me that Coach Tressel only gets a two game suspension when it comes out that he knew about the players violation. In case you didn't remember the kids got a 5 game suspension. I wonder if they had sold those goods at a family yard sale if they would have gotten in trouble? Just doesn't make sense to me.

Also why do we spend so much time trying to differentiate instruction (which is best for kids) and the tests we take are still standardized.

In Kansas we are to be teaching the new federal Core Standards but taking our state assessments
over the Kansas standards. I realize we shouldn't be teaching to the tests, however, does this make any sense at all? Thats like covering Chapter 10 and the test will be over Chapter 15, see what happens when you have politicians making educational decisions.

Have a great week and weekend.

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