Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Facts to Know and Tell

It costs us $17.1 million to run the legislature for one year, an increase of 41% since 2005, just curious if they think about this when they are whacking our budgets the way they are. Renovation to the capital building $280 million, almost as much as what our deficit will be this fiscal year.

Representative Clay Aurand, who lives in north central Kansas and a chair of one of the education committees in the legislature, is proposing mandatory consolidation of any district which has less than 400 students and is less than 200 square miles, which Pleasanton falls into that category. His home district also falls into that category, however he send his kids to Belleville which does not. That is his right, but there is also another chapter to this story, he has 4 children and only sends 2 to public school, the other two are doing virtual schooling, again that is his right. My problem is this, why is someone a chair of an education committee when he does not believe in public education? I am not a soccer fan, and if asked to chair a committee on soccer I believe I would refuse.

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