Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tis the Season

We are about to enter, as all schools across the state of Kansas, the testing season. The state assessments are coming up and teachers across the state are working themselves into a tissy to make last minute preparations so their students are prepared. You see this is how our schools are evaluated, by both the state and feds, high stakes testing. Forget what has been learned in the classroom it all boils down to a few days of student testing.

We had a good year last year with our state assessment scores, which is a tribute to our staff and building administrators, but I still feel this system is flawed. By 2014 we must have 100% of our students meeting standards (proficient) or better. While this is an admirable goal when was the last time 100% was obtained by anyone. Students don't test well, some students take more time to attain skill levels, some don't react well to time deadlines, problems with the technology either at the state or local levels, students who are absent during testing, so they are doubled up. How about this for a goal, 100% of Congress not commit a crime, pay their taxes, not cheat on their spouses, and listen to the American people instead of carrying out their own agenda. Now that is a goal worth shooting for.

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