Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Post USA and Other Items

The USA convention had the best speakers and breakout sessions of any of the approximately 10 years that I have attended. The problem is the attendance was probably 50%of what it normally was. The keynote speaker was the worst of the bunch but our small groups really benefitted each of us that attended and gave us good ideas to bring back to school to use.

The legislative post audit has just concluded a study showing what mandatory state wide school consolidation would save the state, the $400 million hole they put us in is still there. The scenerio 2 is the one I find interesting, it makes every school have at least 1600 students. Since 5 counties in our state have about 50% of the population this should come as no surprise to me. They obviously did not attend nor have they been around small schools. I think the benefits of an education at a small school far outweigh the limited participation you have in a large school. I know in our community I am preaching to the choir, as we value small schools. At least they kept the post audit branch busy so they weren't bothering a school with their trivial quest for useless information.

If you wish to contact your state representative or senator their emails are listed below:

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