Tuesday, February 16, 2010

School Shooting

The last in to long a line of school shootings has occurred in Alabama, at the university located in Huntsville. I suppose it has hit the natural progression, but for a faculty member to shoot other faculty members because she did not receive tenure seems so senseless, as all school shootings are. It seems the latest few have happened on college campuses and not K-12 public schools.

People seem to have lost all forms of manners and politeness if they don't get their way. "No" seems to be the most hated word in some folks vocabulary and it seems they treat it as a curse word if they happen to hear it. We need to teach our young people that they will not always get what they want, failure is a part of life, disappointment happens to everyone and how to react to adversity. We all will face adversity at some point in time and how we handle these situations is a learning experience also.

I mourn the three dead faculty members in Alabama, especially since we now know that she shot her brother and sent a pipe bomb to a Harvard professor. Simply because she was told "no" by her superiors certainly doesn't warrant the effect she had on innocent people's lives.

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