Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

Our spring sports have quite the successful season. Our boys and girls track teams both won the conference championships yesterday, we think its the first time in school history that has happened. Our golf team won the conference tournament by 107 strokes!! I would say we ran the score up on them, but in golf I think you say you ran the score down, but not sure on that.

Trouble again at Columbus, Ohio. This time its that over 50 players have gotten cars for apparently below the sticker price. Nothing like piling on Ohio State, now there is no way that I think they are the only place that players get vehicles, shall we say for a discount, but when it rains it poors. I think we are going to use Winning With Integrity by Jim Tressel as our text book for a character ed class.

Doesn't hardly seem like the NBA playoffs without the Lakers and Celtics. I now have a great excuse not to watch them, I am a long time Celtic fan which means I'm obligated by law to hate the Lakers. When your favorite team isn't playing at least you can pull for whoever is playing their rival, now both are gone. Oh well only a month of basketball left, where'd the season go.

I love how the oil companies haven't dropped the price of gas, even though the price of oil took a drop. The reason as explained on the news, we paid a high price for the oil so the price has to remain up. Funny when you were using oil that you had paid a low price for the price spiked immediately. I can't believe no one ask them that question.

Hope everyone's school year ends on a positive note.


  1. Congratulations on your track and golf seasons. Our high school, McDonald County, is not in a conference so we don't have an opportunity to win conference championships anymore. We do have some great track talent though, many of our student athletes have received college scholarships to continue in track from schools including Pitt State, William Woods, and Missouri Southern.

    With respect to your last post, what answers were you getting when you asked your questions? Do university administrators contemplate why they require the things they do? Do they have acceptable answers to give?

  2. Not right without the Lakers and/or the Celtics.