Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Superintendent Fun

Monday I had the treat of going back into the classroom and being the teacher. I'm a P.E. major and also taught health prior to going into administration. But this was in FACS, which is completely out of my element, we cooked breakfast fritattas which I learned at the KC Culinary Institute during a cooking lesson given to me as a birthday gift.

I began my preparation by cooking one myself to show the students what they will look like when finished, the class that was in there was primarily boys and when I took the bacon out of the oven they were like a bunch of crazed dogs. I quickly found that my biggest challenge would be to keep the guys away from the bacon, until they got out of class. They asked what I was doing and having the natural curiosity of kids was great. I did share a little of the finished product with a couple of teachers and the high school secretaries.

When the girls came in for class I had their cooking stations set up with the proper ingredients and briefly explained what we were making and what steps should be taken first, then let 'em go. They weren't hesitant to dive in and get going, I have said this before, but when my daughter came and demonstrated cake decorating, they were very eager and she never once had to ask for a volunteer. I knew they would have questions as we moved through the process, and that's the part I enjoyed the most. Going from group to group, answering questions and interacting with the kids really made my day.

Sometimes as a superintendent, with the financial crunch we all face or the adult issues you have to handle on a daily basis, your mind gets away from what's important in school, the kids. Plus, why we think we have to provide them the answers before hand takes the fun out of instructing, in my opinion. Give them enough information to get started and then let their inquisitive minds take over. By the way I will gladly provide the recipe if anyone wants it and their fritattas turned out to be excellent, plus it gave great joy to this old dog.

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