Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

Boy oh boy just when we think we have problems, all we have to do is see the news to learn other people have it worse than we do. Poor Arnold Schwartzenegger, and he thought being governor was tough, wait until the divorce attorneys' get done with him. Of course, now other women are coming out of the woodwork, how dare he cheat on his mistress.

Haley got voted off Idol. This next comment may sound sexist because it is, but I don't think girls should sing Led Zeppelin songs (I don't think guys should sing Carol King songs either). Then she sang Rhianna by Fleetwood Mac, which is my next favorite group. I also love Stevie Nick's music and Haley if you're going to sing Stevie's songs you must dress in black, not gray. For those two reasons I was glad to see her go, narrow minded? Certainly, and I readily admit it. Interesting that both finalists are country based. I was actually pulling for James Durbin.

Please NBA put us out of misery, get the playoffs over with. I'm sure at the slow pace they are doing the conference finals and then the Finals we will be able to shoot off fireworks and then watch the game.

Sad to hear about the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri, we used to live about 40 minutes from Joplin and I really liked it for a small city (pop. around 50,000). To think that 75% of received damage is unbelievable. Our blessings to all the people in southwest Missouri effected by this terrible storm. Did you know Joplin is about the same size as Muskogee, Oklahoma? That comment will mean nothing to anyone except my daughters.

Go out and have a great week.

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