Monday, May 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

Probably a bad day to write since most of the reading today will be about Osama Bin Laden, all I can say is bring our kids home or at least station them around facilities that we feel may be subject to terror attacks. At any rate get them out of Iraq and Afganistan. I'm thinking this just won the 2012 election for President Obama, can anyone see his approval rating soaring.

Here it is the first of May and I had frost on my windshield this morning and is supposed to have frost again tomorrow, come on global warming. Also the KC Royals are above .500 the first of May been a while since that's happened, let's go Blue, keep it up.

I'm sure the pro sports teams have the seasonal thing figured out. The NBA and NHL playoffs will last until June probably and they are winter sports. The Boys of Summer will conclude in November and they are the summer sport. Does anyone else, other than me, feel the regular seasons are to long?

The NFL is again locked out after two days of the judge's ruling. The owners are driving this in my opinion, plus when was the last time they won in court. For that matter when was the last time you heard an owner selling the team because they were losing money. Maybe we should lock the owners out and let the teams go ahead with their business and put the money made from the teams into the players pension fund.

Another thing I'm not sure I understand. When you talk to government officials about big businesses sharing the tax burden the first thing they say is if we do they may pull out and that will effect the job market. Good point. Then why are we getting the cuts we are in education and having to lay off or let people go. Why aren't jobs in the education field just as important as jobs in the private sector?

Go out and make it a great week. Remember this is teacher appreciation week do something special for them.

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