Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Going to Have Fun

Last week I wrote about our teachers experimenting with things at the latter part of the year, with the God forbidden Assessment tests completed. The last thing I want to occur in our schools is beginning test prep for next year. Make learning and teaching fun, motivate students so they are looking forward to getting back to school, and teachers are looking forward to getting back to use the new things they experimented with.

It then dawned on me, why can't I have fun also. This fun stuff shouldn't be limited to our teachers and students. Administrators should also try new things, and find new ways to connect with the kids. I have found mine.

A couple of months ago I wrote about my daughter in culinary school assisting our FACS teacher in cake decorating. As I watched her I was amazed at how attentive the freshmen girls were in what Makenzie was teaching them. In fact they decorated the cake that was served at this year's prom.

For the last couple of years my family has given me cooking lessons at the KC Culinary Institute for my birthday. I have thoroughly enjoyed these and even learned some things. Don't get me wrong, I'm not becoming Chef Greg and the Food Network has yet to contact me, but I enjoy it.

All that to say this. I talked to our FACS teacher and I'm going to prepare my favorite egg casserole for the freshman girls, but during their class they will serve as my sous chefs as we prepare a casserole. I am really looking forward to May 16th I'm going to have a blast.

So move over students and teachers the administrators are joining in on the fun, and this superintendent is leading the way.

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  1. Way to lead by example. I wish all admins were as accessible as you are.