Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

Boy I'm sure happy our government spent 7 years and $55 million to get an obstruction of justice vs. Barry Bonds. Maybe we should hire better attorneys to try cases or just quit bringing charges as the government. Good gosh OJ had the glove why couldn't they have gotten a hat from early in his career and had him try it on. Then ask the tough question, how many people's head grows a size or two in their adulthood? Wonder why that happened?

The government did not shut down last weekend Oh Boy Oh Boy. Both sides claiming victory, isn't that just like politicians they don't know when there is a winner and a loser. They are the winners and the American people are the losers. Nice that they would continue to be paid and our troops wouldn't, makes sense to me. Wonder how those politicians could look them in the eye and say "we are sending you to a war to protect our oil interests and by the way we aren't going to pay you, but we will still draw our paychecks." Now to work on next years budget, let the games begin.

As I have stated before I don't fly and don't intend to start anytime soon. I do like afternoon naps so does make me a candidate to be an Air Traffic Controller. I wonder if they realize they have people's lives in their hands. Comforting to know that the guy in the tower may be rocked back in his chair, feet up on the desk, drool rolling down his face. Maybe they should look at putting people on day or night shift, so they can regulate their sleep instead of shifting them back and forth, just a thought.

Have a great week.

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