Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Thoughts

I sure wish William and Kate would hurry up and get married, I'm already sick of the coverage and the event hasn't even occurred yet. Through no fault of their own I'm sure they wish it would go away, also. Our press has gone nuts over this event, anyway, I wish them the best.

I wonder if Jim Tressel, head football coach at Ohio State University, has thought about renaming his book, Winning with Integrity? How about Winning with Ineligible Players and Trying to Cover It Up? I think they a real mess in Columbus, but I will be surprised if they fire him, however, I'm sure the NCAA investigators are licking their chops. One would assume you should let your boss know of possible infractions before emailing, texting, and visiting with FBI guys as well as others about the incident, above all don't lie to the NCAA.

Is the price of gasoline going up in your area? Okay I know the answer to that, but it amazes me how the oil companies are quick to point out they don't set the price, my question is who does? Does Apple not set the price of their products? Then they want our sympathy because its not their fault there is unrest in the Middle East, as they record profits. How about this OPEC everytime the price of oil goes up per barrel the price of wheat goes up to match it. Since the USA, Russia, and China are the largest producers of wheat we can boost our economy and help out the farmers.

Is the Donald going to throw is hat in the ring for President, I hope so. How much entertainment will that provide. It also amazes me how the news people say he has no experience in politics, and that's a bad thing? Look where career politicians have gotten us.

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