Friday, April 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

Now that the NCAA basketball tourney is over and college fans are holding their breathe to see if their local stars are going to the NBA or not. I loved listening to Charles Barkley during the tourney, he said he didn't see a freshman this year that was ready for the next level. I've always thought the one and done was perhaps the stupidest rule I have ever heard of. If a kid is good enough out of high school to play let him go to the NBA. They can in baseball, tennis, and golf why is basketball so special. If a kid wants to go to work after high school do we say "no you must attend college or a vocational school for one year then we can hire you, and by the way we could care less how well you do in your classes, you just have to attend."

I am not a flyer, I won't do it the reason-I'm a coward, its scares me. I wonder if Southwest's new advertising slogan will be No Baggage Fee but the Roof May Come Off. I'm guessing they should have checked the cracks in the top prior to it being skinned back at 36,000 feet. Now ask again why I won't fly.

Glenn Beck fired by Fox? What's up with that? Ratings were good and I thought that's all that mattered to the networks. I watch Fox News please don't dislike me for that, never been much of a Beck fan, though. Just surprised me I'm doubting if any of the other main stream media networks will pick him up.

TransOcean sent out a letter to their employees that last year was their best year for safety. Should we again show them the video of their oil rig in the Gulf blowing up and 11 people died. Glad I don't work for them if last year was their banner year for safety. Maybe they can help BP look for the missing laptop, sounds much safer to me.

Have a great weekend.

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