Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The People Business

Last Saturday I attended the edcampkc in Lee's Summit, Missouri. I had reservations about it since my Saturday's are devoted to watching as much and as many college football games as possible. I am so thankful I went I can't explain it in this short blog. The connection with people is the most valuable thing we have in education, and to finally meet the VanMeter, Iowa, crew was so rewarding, in fact our administration is going to visit them later in the year.

It really renewed my feelings that we are in the people business in education. I know test scores seem to dominate the conversation, or budget issues can definitely come into play. But our focus is our students, staff, support personnel and parents and all those are people. When one thinks of their positive school experiences they think of the people that influenced them, not content matter.

Last night on Dancing with the Stars (please don't make fun of me for watching that show) Kurt Warner, whom I have great respect for, got eliminated, but its what he said that really impacted me. By the way if you haven't read how he and his wife met, you should. His quote was "Life is not about winning and losing, it is about impacting people and building relationships." What a class act, and thanks Kurt for reminding me why I chose education as my life's profession.

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