Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Thoughts

Chilly Friday in east central Kansas, but its November guess its to be expected. So here go with another edition of my random thoughts.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer Nancy Pelosi claimed to be a professional, which she is, but thats the problem in Washington. No one should be a professional politician, enact term limits for Congress.

As I hear Dallas Cowboy fans boohoo over the loss of Tony Romo, hey you were 1-5 with him how much worse are you going to be without him? You were going nowhere with him so get over it. Just another example of good individuals don't make a good team.

I am so thankful that Brett Favre got to keep his starting streak in tact last weekend, I mean I worried for an entire week, I thought maybe they would put cleats on his protective boot. Then the Randy Moss thing is to ridiculous to even comment on. How about handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson more (I know I'm not objective since he went to OU). To much coverage on Vikings who are 2-5 and not enough on teams that really deserve it. Same with the Cowboys.

TCU going to the Big East? I know when I think of east Fort Worth comes to mind immediately. Why? The Mountain West is much better in football and TCU would get killed in basketball. Oh yeah they are an automatic qualifier in the BCS (which I will talk about next week), which is also ridiculous. They are not deserving plain and simple of an automatic bid.

I never thought I would say this but I welcomed back regular commercials this week and get the political commercials off the air.

Have a great weekend and hope your teams win unless you are a Texas A & M fan.

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