Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

Ah its Friday again and I get to write about Random Thoughts and I have more this week and it makes my head hurt, to have thoughts. Heading for God's country tomorrow, aka Norman, Oklahoma, for the Texas Tech game, really looking forward to it.

The BCS which is quite the controversial subject, even though many don't like it the one thing I can't figure out is why don't they match 1 vs. 2- 3 vs. 4- 5 vs. 6 etc. in their bowls and forget the conference affiliations for BCS bowl ties. We won't get a playoff until the megaconferences are formed then they will no longer need the NCAA which is not such a bad thing.

The Big 12 (which has 10 teams) extended the contract of Commissioner Beebe. What a wise move, he virtually allowed the conference to be raided last summer and almost disbanded what was arguably the 2nd best football conference, and top RPI rated basketball conference. I guess the presidents were happy with that, allowing the Big Ten (which has 12 teams) and Pac-10 (which now has 12) to pluck members away. Good job, commish, in two years the conference won't exist with your leadership.

I'm sure Republicans were pleased after the mid-term elections. What they need to be more pleased about is Nancy Pelosi being minority leader, there may not be a Democrat left in the Senate after the next elections.

I hate to agree with the LA Times, since anything from California is to liberal for my taste, but they proposed we move the clocks back 1/2 hour and then leave the time alone. Please lets do one or the other, or what they proposed seems a reasonable compromise.

No toy in a Happy Meal? That is the first step to communism, come on San Fran, what are you doing. Doesn't the city have more important things going on other than the nutritional value of fast food? We know its crap, but thats why it tastes good, loaded with fat. By the way your state is broke, maybe you should worry about that, and I will no longer support Happy Meals, when Wal-Mart pulls pork rinds off the shelves.

I hope Congress has gridlock, at least they won't be spending money and making the deficit go higher.

Royals fans (of which I am one) have been outraged of the trade of David DeJesus. He is a good guy, but how good have we been with him? Have you forgotten the 100 loss seasons already? I say put them all on the trading block how much worse can we get?

Have a great weekend.

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