Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

Drumroll please its time for my Friday Random Thoughts. I will not be posting next week so I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone's holiday is a good one.

Cam Newton's saga continues and for the life of me I can't figure out what the question is with him playing. He has not been found guilty of anything, yet. If he is found guilty and Auburn has to forfeit the games he played in, what difference does it make if they have to forfeit 10 or 12 games. What does he supposedly did have anything to do with his Heisman chances, is he not the best player? That is what the award stands for, sort of like stripping Reggie Bush, he would been less a player had his parents not gotten a house? Once again, O.J. Simpson still has his unless he has pawned it.

Well it appears the Chiefs are back to normal as much as I hate to say it. Hopefully they will get the ship corrected this weekend at home.

I am a Republican and conservative by nature, but the new reality show gets my goat. Sarah Palin's Alaska, I could be wrong but I think Alaska existed before Sarah Palin. Is this the same Alaska that she loves so much she quit on the people that elected her? I know she would never say this but do you suppose she had book writing and lecturing that was more pressing than her job as governor? I know money had nothing to do with that decision. I just have a problem with people that put themselves above the larger organization i.e. like saying they are Peyton Manning's Colts, Kobe Bryant's Lakers-fortunately neither one of those has ever referred to their teams that way, at least to my knowledge.

Todd Haley not shaking hands after the Broncos game created quite the stir. I think at the professional level sportsmanship is not the lesson they are trying to get across like in high school and college. They are grown men if he doesn't want to shake hands so be it.

You have to love the newly crowned NBA champions the Miami Heat, oh yeah the playoffs haven't started yet, nor won't until this summer. Chris Bosh stated that the coach wanted them to work and they just wanted to chill. And you guys wonder why you're 7-4?

Have a great Thanksgiving over and out.

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