Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

I know I said last Friday that it would be the last post until the Friday of December 3rd but there is to much going on to let it slide by.

Dancing with the Stars has proven that talent has 0 to do with who wins their competition. I am by no means a dance critic, but how Brandy could be voted off is certainly a mystery to me, when the consensus opinion was she and Jennifer Grey were by far the best. Just my opinion but I've seen scarecrows more limber than Bristol Palin, how could she make the final? I'm not so upset that I'll blow up my TV though, to many football games I'd miss.

Josh Selby, basketball player at the University of Kansas and the nation's #1 rated recruit received a 9 game suspension from the NCAA. His crime was losing his amateur status. Question, isn't that like losing your virginity, once its gone you can't get it back. So if guilty why is he allowed to play? If innocent why is he suspended? I guess he "sort of" lost his amateur status, kind of like a girl that once told me when I was a high school principal, Mr. Gorman I"m "sort of" pregnant, could have sworn that was an either/or.

The body scanners and pat downs at airports have dominated the news of late especially with Thanksgiving coming up. News people we have almost 10% unemployment and kids are dying in two wars we are waging. I wonder which is most important? If you don't like the security measures take the train, bus, or drive yourself. I am curious to the job interview and selection process for an ATS position, my mind really wanders on this one, thoughts better off left unsaid.

Charles Rangel feels bad about his ethics violations-if I didn't pay taxes for 17 years I would feel joy. Oh that's against the law? Never mind.

To Brett Favre: You got him fired happy now? A Thanksgiving day gift to the Vikings, have Favre go the same way as Brad Childress.

Miami Heat you still stink! Especially since you are the self-acclaimed best team in NBA history.

A joyful Thanksgiving to one and all.

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