Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Random Thoughts

Just a few thoughts since it the end of the week:

Good luck to the Blu-Jays, Sooners, and whatever other team you pull for, the NFL started last night and at least it was a good game.

Why do we always look for complicated answers to problems, when most of the time The KISS Theory will work, for those of you that don't know it Keep It Simple Stupid, very popular in the coaching profession. A few examples:
With all the political commercials on now why is that to find out what candidate A stands for I have to watch candidate B's commercials. Just tell us what YOU stand for then we will decide.

All the diets that are also being advertised-something I don't subscribe to, if I were an inch shorter I'd be perfectly round-but how about this: 1. Cut calories 2. Increase workload (exercise) or 3. Do both. Bet you'll be amazed at the results.

School reform is quite the hot topic amongst the things I read and it should be, but my goodness everyone has a different take on what needs to happen. How about we try this: 1. Washington mind your own business, or at least if you're going to saddle us with more legislation get some input from educators. 2. You know what needs to be done at your school more than anyone else. 3. Formulate a plan to improve. 4. Implement the plan for improvement.
Would that work?

Speaking of Washington since you gave us NCLB how about no Congressman left behind? Since you all think its so good to fire entire teaching staffs and administrations if they don't meet your standards, how about if one congressman is found to be unethical, doesn't pay his/her taxes, or passes any law that affects us but not you, we fire the whole lot of you which I hope happens in November.

Guess thats about it, remember this-What works-Works What Doesn't Work-Doesn't Work you can work your tail off at something and if it doesn't work it still won't work. Have a great weekend.

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