Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Thoughts

I would really like to comment on "Waiting for Superman" and Oprah but its Friday and I don't want to get in a bad mood this early in the morning. Plus its a Friday night and the Blu-Jays play at Miami, Mo. andd the Sooners hit the road for the first time as they take on Cincinnati.

Speaking of college sports a few things strike me as ironic about the NCAA. They are over the top about not treating athletes any different than the "regular" student. RIIIIGHT. Or better yet the Saturday Night Live segment of "Really". Lets see several athletes from mostly schools in the south are not eligible to play at this time because they allegedly went to a party hosted by sports agents. Okay maybe they did but then what is the punishment for the regular student to talk to prospective employer prior to his/her graduation. I wonder if Apple, Google, or Microsoft is told they can't hire someone because they talked to them their junior year of college.

Along those same lines universities can fly recruits across the country and put them up for 48 hours in a hotel and pay for their meals and lodging. However, if you give the recruit a t-shirt with your school name or logo on it that is a violation. Now I understand that completely. Maybe a little common sense should prevail in some of the rules.

Congress has the votes to pass a bill for compensation for 9/11 families and health cost for the first responders but don't want to take action until after the November elections. The Democrats are afraid of offending some of their "blue dog" members because the money will go to New York. The Republicans are mad because it is another spending bill. Shame on all of them and they wonder why the tea party movement has not gone away, could be because they act so stupidly.

Well thats it for another Friday, have a good weekend I know I certainly am.

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