Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slide and Shuffle

Today started our school year and wouldn't you know it hasn't rained in six weeks (which is good for mowing) and we have a monsoon, the kids looked like drowned rats coming in, but parents and kids were in good moods.

Our elementary principal is having quite a battle with an illness and was physically unable to be here. Our high school principal's son is having hip surgery so he is not here either. There is an old saying in coaching "don't worry about the mice when the elephants are stampeding". Its not a big deal, all of our teachers are experienced and we'll get through the day in good shape. I will miss the principals until tomorrow but now I'll get to be in the buildings more.

Sometimes we have to slide and shuffle but we get it taken care because thats what educators do, I am so proud of my profession.

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