Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Random Thoughts

I have grown to really look forward to writing on Friday because its not serious stuff and I feel that I can let loose a little and be myself. Maybe I should take that approach on the other days that I write.

Once again its football Friday. The Blu-Jays play Marais Des Cyne Valley, I don't know a thing about them but our kids, fans, and coaches sure could use a win. Wish them luck. The Sooners play Air Force and I expect a tough game even though it is in Norman. I really admire the service academies with the discipline and determination they play with, just not against the Sooners.

Much buzz in Kansas about the National Standards and I imagine the state school board will adopt them next month at their meeting. Which will mean we will replace our state assessments with some sort of national test, thanks for giving us another standardized test to administer, judge our kids by, determine in one or two days whether a teacher is effective, or a principal is an instructional leader. I'm not sure if anyone in the ivory towers has ever heard of the MAPP, ACT, or SAT, nationally normed tests that already exist. Gee thanks for all your help, and when you saddle us with these things, could you at least put someone from the education field on the committee.

Man we love to bash Wall Street executives and they deserve it. The media is on them about not passing the stimulus money on to the working man where it will actually do some good for the economy. Then why is it the when it comes to sports the general public sides with the owners? They are billionaires and the athletes are the working man, but they are the ones they get beat up in the press as being greedy. I wonder why the NFL owners won't open up their books to the players association, do you think its because they are losing money.

What an embarrassment Reggie Bush has been to USC, they removed his Heisman Trophy because of his sins against the school. Hello. Has anyone at SC heard of O.J. Simpson? Where did he go to school? Give you three guesses. His Heisman is still on display proudly with the others. Lets compare the two, no thats to ridiculous to even do. I know this if someone offers a kid a house for his parents, his family financial security he would turn it down flat, and he is the one that suffers not the ones actually supplying the money. Makes sense to me, more on the NCAA next week.

Have a great weekend.

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