Monday, October 4, 2010

Now That the Dust has Settled-Stir it up Again

Now that the release of Waiting for Superman has come and gone, and the Washington pundits have had their say about education on the national news lets examine what has happened. The reform of our profession is in the fore front so lets take the ball and run with it. One of the things I enjoy about reading twitter is the reform other educators are doing in their schools and hope to add some of these in Pleasanton. What upsets educators is we don't need a talk show host, film maker, or business man to tell us what we need to do.

Unions are not the problem, name one union that does not protect its members. I believe thats why you pay dues to the union. Are there good and bad teachers out there, of course there are, and thats no different from any profession. I to wish tenure laws would be revised but an all out attack on teachers is without merit.

Charter schools are no better than public schools, but if they have innovative ideas for student learning lets embrace them and use them in our schools. To use the excuse that we can't do that is pure poppycock, what that tells me is you don't want to change the way you have always done things. Charters are educating kids, and so are we need to work together and not be each other's throats.

People don't mind change, they just mind being changed. We also don't base our successes on scores on a standardized test. Reforms have come and gone, true, but if we truly want to do what is best for kids we need to put in changes while reform is a hot topic. We need to find best practices for instruction, implement them, and watch our student learning improve.

I for one love that education is being talked about, keep the conversation going, and stir the dust up every chance you get.

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