Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am not a big reader of novels or long books of any kind. I know how important it is to learning and education, reading is the basis of learning. I do, however, love to read articles. I can read Sports Illustrated from cover to cover and get the same joy as reading a novel for someone else. My wife, Amy, on the other hand loves to read fiction books.

My love of reading is why I've enjoyed being on twitter. I have amassed so many articles that the amount I've read would equal a novel. I know I should be more paperless and do our environment a favor, but I wish to share these with our other administrators (again not very green). The information and connections I've gained have really helped me grow as both an individual and professional.

So my theory is it doesn't matter what you read as long as you read and are gaining information. I remember a teacher complaining about a student reading a mechanics magazine during SSR time at a school I was principal of. My question was do you suppose he may be a mechanic after high school? The teacher's response was probably so, then leave him alone. Learning doesn't have to be about a discipline in school.

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