Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Thoughts

I know I generally do this on Friday but we have had Parent-Teachers conferences two nights this week so we have Friday off. So you are treated a day early.

The Blu-Jays take on the Chetopa Hornets Friday night and the loser will have a tough time getting into the playoffs, so its a big game. The Sooners take on the Missouri Tigers at Missouri, it will definitely a tough road test. Good Luck to both teams.

I wonder when Mr. Obama and Mrs. Obama went for their children's Parent-Teacher conferences if they demanded the same excellence from their girls that he is receiving. Since his approval rating is below 50%, I bet they expect more from their girls. Of course it could be worse, they are about double the approval rating of Congress, which still demands we get 100% of our students at proficient or better.

I see New York is following California's lead in publishing teacher ratings according to their test scores. What other profession has to put up with type of scrutiny? Why don't put doctor ratings in the paper? Do they not realize that the biggest asset, at least for me, is a person in the room that cares about the kids first and understands the trials and tribulations some of these youngsters go through each day. I guess not.

Have a great weekend to one and all.

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