Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Values

We began this year working on our school values as an administrative team. I know we probably should have done this earlier in my tenure, but I really felt the need to get on it now. I wanted our school to have a definite direction that we could all be going at the same time.

We gathered information from a variety of sources and gathered them together. I only wanted five and the reason being is that if you have to many, in my opinion, they can be easy to forget and I wanted staff ownership. We put out a google doc to staff for their input on what is most important to them from our master list.

Our principals also used a couple of late start days to discuss these with their respective staffs. If our teachers don't have ownership then we all knew we would wasting time. I know the principals got tired of me harping on them to get responses compiled, but I felt this was important for our schools.

We now accomplished our mission and will make posters and have every teacher put them in their classrooms of our 5 particular values. I would like to commend our administrative team and staff for working on this to make our schools at Pleasanton a better place for our students to come to everyday.

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