Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why is Reform So Hard?

As I continue to read on Twitter and the 10-12 blogs I read daily I keep asking myself the same question, "Why is it so hard to get educated people to see that change is necessary in education?"
The answer I keep telling myself is that change is hard, but its not, as I have said before people don't mind change, they mind being changed.

So maybe we should compare what we want to have happen to yesteryear and that will make the transition a little easier. Students used to write notes-now they text. Students used to keep dairies or journals-now they blog. The encyclopedia was our resource material-now its the internet.

When you factor in that the requirements for graduation (4 yrs. English, 3 yrs. Math, 3 yrs. Social Science, etc.) were founded in the 1820's, its like saying nothing has changed in our world in that time. Which makes me more angry about educated people not saying we need to change to keep up with the world we live in.

Force feed reform it must be done and what are we waiting on? Maybe we, as educational leaders, think our teachers as a whole won't embrace what we are trying to accomplish. Don't give them a choice, we have our first elementary teacher set up a class blog and this is because she took the step and started a twitter account and can see what others are doing and its not impossible or even difficult, and the students enjoy it, there is a thought we don't discuss enough, kids having fun in school.

Why educated people fight this so much is still disturbing to me but I choose to celebrate the small accomplishments and we will win this battle, but it will be difficult, and I know this educational leader is certainly not going to quit trying.

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