Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

My Friday Random Thoughts for this week:

The Pleasanton Blu-Jays travel to Yates Center to take on the Wildcats tonight, and the Sooners host the Iowa State Cyclones on Saturday night, I wish both squads lots of luck.

Congress has voted not to give a cost of living increase to social security recipients. Really. They vote themselves a raise, their retirement is about 10 times what a social security recipient receives, and they could care less about the public opinion. News flash you people are the most loathed branch of government, need you ask why?

Now for the Toy Department-Have you seen the Cleveland Cavalier calendar for this year it has Lebron James on the cover, does someone need to tell that franchise that he no longer plays for them. You need to get one early it will probably be a collector's item. Make sure you get one before O. J. Simpson or he is liable to whip you at show to get it back.

Basketball season starts at Kansas tonight with late night. I know they have football games to play but the season is over. Their last two games the combined score is 114-14, thats being competitive. K-State before you gloat to much, now you know how Nebraska felt after playing you.

Why is it life insurance when you have to die to get it?

Why in baseball is it a foul line/foul pole when if the ball hits either it is fair?

With all the technology we have available to us and I love it, the best we can come up with to measure a first down in football is a ten yard chain, that has been around since, oh the inception of the game.

Do you think Brett Favre is happy he came back this year? Their record is outstanding and now with his alleged infidelity, life can't be good. I bet Tiger Woods is saying thank you Brett for getting the media off me. I feel sorry for Adrian Peterson (former Sooner) to have to be around the circus in Minnesota. Now Brett's elbow is hurt and he will consider sitting for a couple games how about the next 12 back in Mississippi.

Have a great weekend.

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