Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I think I missed my calling, since I enjoy writing this on Fridays, my wonder is should I have been a satirical sports columnist? Not sure there is a market for that, though so guess I'll stick with education and at my age that is probably wise, to late for a career change now.

The University of Kansas football team has a curfew of 10:00 for having girls in your room. I wonder what the recruiting spill will be. Come to KU, lose lopsided games, and have no fun while you are here. I'm sure that will attract a high level of talent.

The NFL has come out with safety guidelines and want to eliminate "vicious" hits, which is not a bad idea, I for one just don't know how you will legislate that. Anyway if they are so concerned about safety why are they wanting to add 2 more games to the regular season? Oh yeah, it will make the owners more money, without sharing the profits with the players, shame on me for forgetting that minor fact.

Let's see now we have the World Series (summer sport), NBA (winter sport), NHL (winter sport), and NFL less than halfway through their schedule all going on at the same time. Does it cross their minds why the average citizen can't afford to go, could be because the seasons have a huge overlap. The answer shorten the seasons. Well for me when football starts, baseball season is over (I'm a Royals fan so my season really ends in May), and basketball starts the Monday after the Super Bowl, I don't follow hockey so they can play year round for all I care.

Do any of you get Growl updates on your computer? I do about twice a week can't they find a more permanent update so it doesn't annoy us quite so often?

Have a great weekend and a Happy Halloween.

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